Still plenty of time to sow:

  • Lettuce, short carrots, radish, spinach, spring onions, chard, courgettes, runner beans, rocket, pak choi.

Other jobs:

  • Tomatoes – take side shoots off tomatoes and remove yellow leaves. Pinch tops out when they reach the top of greenhouse.
  • Onions – ripen by bending leaves just above neck of each plant.
  • Leeks – blanch by earthing up around stems, be aware that early maturing leeks may not last over winter.
  • Broad beans – If you cut them to 3 shoots they will grow again and you will have a few extra beans.
  • Runner beans – pinch out tops when they reach the top of the cane.
  • Cabbages – feed winter cabbages with a nitrogen feed.
  • Cauliflowers – harvest and wrap in cling film, they will last longer in fridge.
  • Courgettes – pick by twisting them off. Make sure you pick them regularly or they will stop fruiting.
  • Potatoes – If you want to store for a bit longer, cut the tops off and leave in ground for 10 days, then lift.
  • Pick – cucumbers by cutting with a sharp knife, pick runner beans young, they taste better and are less stringy, pick French beans when they snap easily.
  • Weed around plants.
  • If you have any empty ground try sowing some green manure, it will improve the fertility of your soil.
  • Stake brussel sprouts and purple sprouting.


  • Prune simmer fruiting
  • Prune stone fruits such as plums, peaches, etc.  If you prune these in winter they will get silver leaf which can kill the tree.
  • Summer prune apples and pears.
  • Pot on strawberry

Pests and diseases:

  • Damp down greenhouse to avoid red spider mite.
  • Check brassicas regularly for any signs of cabbage white butterfly caterpillars, or whitefly.
  • Check for maggots in plum and apple trees, if you have them next year put up pheromone traps.
  • Look out for blight on potatoes.