Winter floods!  look out for winter floods, I will be leaving everything on the top shelves in my greenhouse and shed this winter as shelves one and two were underwater last winter!  But we now receive direct flood alerts from the environment agency so any we receive will be emailed to plot holders  and posted on our Facebook page.


  • fruit trees,  
  • blackcurrants,
  • whitecurrants,
  • redcurrants,
  • gooseberries,
  • grapevines,
  • raspberries,
  • shallots

  • Brussels sprouts, remember these taste better once frosted.
  • leeks,
  • winter cabbage,
  • parsnips,
  • Jerusalem artichokes.
  • It’s a good idea to dig up parsnips and leave above ground overnight so the frost hits them hard, they taste so much sweeter once frosted.
  • Blackcurrant bushes, fruit forms on young wood so remove older wood.
Protect or check plants
  • Asparagus – apply thick mulch of compost or well rotted manure to improve soil and smoother weeds.
  • Chard – cover with fleece.
  • Jerusalem artichokes – mulch or cover with straw.
  • Fruit trees – Once leaves have fallen check fruit trees for damage

Collect seeds for next year