Plant Sale

Our annual Plant Sale is on the day after, May 19th at 10 till 12pm. There are

usually lots of bargains and it takes place just a week before tender plants (tomatoes, cues, etc) can be planted out without a risk of frost. (it’s hoped!) Do come along and meet people, have a tea or coffee. Please donate whatever plants you can and bring them on the Saturday afternoon or early on Sunday.

Part of the motive for running the sale is to raise funds for the Association. There’s always something. Last month involved a new lock on the middle Radford Road gate. With replacement keys for all users the cost ended up at around £200. At the moment the Eco Loo also needs lock work which hopefully be done by the time you read this.

We do get grants of course for specific projects and recently Severn Trent got their contractor to make a good job of repairing the access road (which they have responsibility for). But they also put left over tarmac on a rough space next to our shop which was also appreciated. During that work we were offered some spoil to complete another task, to lessen the sharp drops alongside the road (which have been identified as a risk). We rather rushed ahead to a take it or leave it offer and apologise for the lack of consultation. Some clearance has since been done and hopefully things have settled down.