Fees and Rents

A complete up-to-date version of the Association rules

Membership and Rents
  1. Qualifications for Membership of the Association will be as follows: Payment of a Membership fee (See Current Rents & Charges). Not to be in arrears of rent. A maximum of two paid up Members of the Association per plot will be eligible to cast votes at any Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.
  2. All plots shall be allocated by the Letting Officer on an annual tenancy.
  3. New Members will be provided with a key to the gates of the allotments upon the provision of a deposit (See Current Rents & Charges) which will be returnable, on request, when vacating their plot and on return of the key.
  4. The rent, including charges and membership of The National Allotment Society (NAS) shall be determined by the Management of the Association and shall be paid annually, in advance, being due each Michaelmas (i.e. at the end of September).
  5. The Committee will make themselves available to collect the monies due from Members on the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October each year. Sunday of the first weekend of October shall be the last date of collection. Members are expected to attend in person with their Rule Book to pay their rent. If a member is unable to attend in person a special arrangement must be made with the secretary. This must be made in advance of the rent days.
  6. Should any member allow their rent to be in arrears after the last collection date, then a late payment fee (See ‘Current Rents & Charges’ list on notice board) will be imposed by the Committee. If rent is not received following a letter of request for payment, that member may receive one month’s notice in writing to quit.
  7. The Committee may, by resolution passed at a meeting thereof, terminate or suspend the membership of any person who, in its opinion, has been guilty of conduct prejudicial to the Association or its objects, non-payment of rent or breach or non-observance of the Rules of the Association provided that the person shall have the right to be heard by the Committee before the final decision is made. There shall be a right of appeal to an independent arbitrator appointed by mutual agreement Current Annual Rents and Charges (From April 2019)