Muntjac Deer

The issue of Muntjac deer on site has been raised by members lately. Although they’ve been with us sometime there is increasing damage to crops especially on area F. They live on site but also enter from Leam Terrace gardens and across the river. 

There are some routes we can’t go down, one of which is shooting. (for reasons of potential collateral danger). However, at the last Committee meeting we agreed to start action and begin a Deer Management Programme. Miles has kindly made a range of enquiries which provided the following ideas.

Deterring the Deer
The following two books are available from Amazon and may be worth reading. They are full of ideas about excluding deer from your garden but which should equally work for an allotment too.

  • Garden Deer – A guide on Damage Limitation,
  • Creating a Deer Proof Garden

Legally we are not allowed to trap them and let them go into the wild, but we can legally drive them off our site, which might be worth thinking about. Anyway is a starting list ideas that plot holders can try. Let us know if you have others and we can add to the list.  

  • Spray vulnerable crops with soap and/or garlic (I sprayed mine against blackfly and they haven’t been touched. Was this luck or coincidence?)
  • An electric deer deterrent, can be bought from Maplins. (Deer Initiative)
  • Put string or netting around or over crops (Paul’s idea). 
  • Lion dung (The Deer Initiative). 
  • Hang bars of soap in-between crops (The Deer Initiative).
  • Human hair in a bag (The Deer Initiative).
  • Urine near crops (The Deer Initiative). 
  • Posts painted with creosote. (The Deer Initiative).  
  • Uneven posts around areas (Jak) 
  • Drive them off site (The Deer Initiative).
  • I have also put a rubber snake next to a rose they are eating (Miles, in desperation?)

More information and ideas can be found on following websites