Composting Workshop

Our composting workshop led by Pauline Pears was greatly appreciated by the ten members who attended. The upbeat and interactive approach sought to allay anxieties and motivate. There's very little that can't be composted...if it grew it will break down.

Main no-nos are on items with health concerns and blighted potato tubers (though leaves are ok) Layers of green such as comfrey, grass cuttings give nitrogen, breaking down easily, and layers of brown which can include shredded cardboard as well as plants and leaves, give carbon and take longer. Build it up, keep the heat in and make sure it's not too wet or dry. Well that's a brief version of a one hour session.

The compost in the bucket is from couch, bindweed, dock and thistles though composted separately in old builder’s bags covered in black plastic to keep light out.

Maybe we'll run it again if there's enough interest.