What I Learnt in the Mountains by Dave Reeves

The allotment and our site often means a lot to a member. When someone dies this can be recognised by a simple memorial event on site and/or a mention in this website.

Alison McKellar writes about her partner Dave Reeves. Both gardened plot B72.

‘Dave died on July 11th after a relatively short spell with cancer. He loved the Allotments and its community and would want to thank everyone for the good times he spent there’. Amongst many things Dave was a poet and some poems were read plot side on August 29th and one is reproduced here.’

Things I have learned in the Mountains

They who shout loudest are rarely of use
in an emergency
Do not give up
Fear is to keep you alive, not indoors
            Focus   There will be another route
Here we regroup/renew/learn to breathe
Borders are of less use than paths
However cold resist the comfort of sleep
Prepare     innovate      rebound
Never stop talking about your vision
Most will voice an opinion      Most will be wrong
To succeed      ultimately one must be doing it for oneself
Flags are for raising funding and identifying the dead
Most accidents happen on the way out
However competent the authority
                   Check the bearings yourself
A few snowflakes can become a blizzard
Never stop talking about your vision