It all began……

It all began with my father taking over one of the allotments on Stanley’s Lane next to Clapham Terrace allotments. However when the land was sold for building many of the allotment holders, including my father, moved onto the St Mary’s site. I took over my father’s plot more than 50 years ago when some of the allotment holders kept pigs and chickens – there was no shortage of manure!

I have seen a lot of changes over the years. We have helped local people with disabilities and held art lessons. Britain in Bloom judges have been shown around the plots which has helped Royal Leamington Spa to receive several Gold awards. I would like to thank the Chairman and his strong Committee for their hard work which will carry us forward into the future.

Gordon Simms
President, St Mary’s Allotments Association

When did the Association start?

We know that the Association of that name was formally created at a meeting of allotment holders in 1909 at the Oak Inn, Radford Road:

“A largely attended meeting of allotment holders of the glebe land in Radford Road was held at the Oak Inn last (Thursday) evening. The object was the formation of an association for the taking over and working the allotments. Mr. J. Staite was unanimously elected as Chairman. Rules were submitted, and after considerable discussion were passed. The name of the association is to be ‘The St. Mary’s Allotments Association’, and all holders of ground must be members of the Association. The following officers were elected: Trustees, Mr. J. M. Molesworth, Mr .J. Staite, Mr. J. Stiles, Mr. S. Blunt, and Mr. R. French; Chairman, Mr. J. Staite; Vice Chairmen, Mr. Spencer and Mr. Wiggins; Treasurer, Mr. Satchwell; Secretary, Mr. A. Potter; Committee (elected by allotment holders), Messrs. Cooper, Saul, Fisher, Dee, Rathbone, Warwick, and Harris. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded a very successful meeting.”

Leamington Courier, 19th February 1909.