Consolidation Years

The Leamington floods of 1932 hit the town and the allotments hard. Occurring in late May it was claimed that the Leam rose twenty feet with the town being cut in half. Four steamrollers were parked on Victoria Bridge at the bottom of the Parade to prevent the Bridge’s deck being lifted by the rising flood waters. On site the Warwick and Warwickshire Advertiser reported (8/5/32) that ‘allotment holders in the Radford Road district suffered heavy losses. Huts, sheds, beehives were wrecked and young plants were washed out of the ground and swept away’. Other floods would follow, most recently and seriously in 1998. Interestingly this report provides the only evidence of bees being kept on site.

The 1939 AGM, on November 11th, had a taste of challenges to come in later decades. The minutes state that ‘the question of opposing the erection of a (Church of England) Senior School on the front portion of the allotments was freely discussed’. Luckily this came to nothing and the outbreak of war drew the following valediction from the Chairman. ‘As our nation was now so strongly urged to grow more food we should put up a bolder and more public resistance in the future should any attempt be made to utilise any of the allotment ground for building purposes’.