A Golden Era

The 1950s decade seems to have been one that yielded the promise of the previous decades with a background of increased prosperity and a desire for leisure time. Bill Ward, as Secretary, ‘went round every month and if someone was ill he made sure their garden was kept’. The late John Green, a member for over fifty years, remembered ‘Wardy was good on inspection. If he said get it done, they’d get it done. It had to be tidy and clean. He insisted the paths were such a width and maintained. Colin Neal recalls ‘he was like your best friend, really nice bloke, no animosity’. He was Colin’s father’s (Clarence) best mate.

At the start of the 1950s allotment sites still abounded locally and little new housing had been built locally in the 20th century apart from the Radford Road houses opposite the allotments which were completed by 1929. A number of members lived opposite the site. 

From the early 1900s Leamington’s allotments were renowned for pig keeping, especially those in Clapham Terrace. St Mary’s also had pigs, poultry and rabbits and many remnants of pig sties can still be found either as parts of new constructions (visible on Plot C95) or just as single brick and concrete floor remnants.

During the 1950s there was a big boiler where vegetables and food waste collected from houses were cooked up. This was located close by the current car park and when a pig was killed donors were given a bit in return.