Courgette Carbonnara

This recipe from Jamie Oliver is a great way to use a glut of young courgettes, and makes a really tasty meal.
Ingredients (serves 2)
5 slices of bacon
2 small courgettes per person
1 tsp Thyme
Ground black pepper
1 egg yolk per person
150g penne pasta
Handful grated parmesan cheese
25ml cream/yoghurt/crème fraiche per person
  1. Quarter the courgettes and remove the pith from the middle.  Then slice the courgettes into strips about the size of the penne pasta.
  2. Cut the bacon into chunks and fry in olive oil until the bacon begins to turn crispy brown at the edges.
  3. Add the courgettes and the pinch of ground black pepper and some of the prepared thyme and basil.  Cook gently.
  4. In the meantime add the penne to salted water and cook until al-dente
  5. To make the carbonara sauce mix the eggs with the grated cheese and cream/yoghurt/crème fraciche
  6. When the pasta has cooked add it to the courgettes in the pan. Don’t drain the pasta but use a colander ladle.
  7. Remove the courgettes/pasta from the heat and allow to cool for a moment or two.  Then stir in the Carbonara sauce and mix.  If you stir in the Carbonara whilst still on the heat the egg will turn to scrambled eggs.
  8. Add a sprinkling of thyme and a dash of olive oil and mix.
  9. Serve immediately onto warm plates