Mikron 2021

Mikron returns On July 2nd with A Dog's Life.

Linda and her wayward rescue dog Gary are pursued by security through the halls  and history of Crufts, accused of a terrible crime. When Charles Cruft, the ‘Greatest Showman in Dogdom’, held his first show in 1891, he had a sense that dog ownership and breeding was about to become pretty big. In this extraordinary world of heroic hounds, pampered pedigrees and naughty nobblers, does Gary have what it takes to win the day?

Help cheer the underdog as we celebrate canines past and present and explore the enduring love between people and their dogs.

The show will start at 6:30pm on Friday July 2nd. This year you will need to book tickets online which can be done using the QR code displayed here or the link below.