Update 7th May
Thanks to all members who have followed guidance and helped make our site a safe location. The guidance remains in place for May as agreed at last Sunday’s Zoom Committee Meeting. 
Updates for safeguarding yourselves and others:
  • We’ve reminded everyone to be aware of shared surfaces and to wash or sanitise hands after contact with locks etc. Please gather a bowl of bucket of fresh water for hand washing and don’t use the baths for this purpose.
  • Likewise we’ve taken the communal barrows out of circulation for the duration.
  • Our main concern is over parking as it was still pretty busy last Saturday, May 2nd. So if at all possible please visit at quieter times or walk down.

 Other Coronavirus updates:

  • If you need seeds there are some basic veg seeds left in the shop at the usual £1 a packet; email chair@yahoo.co.uk with requests and an envelope can be left out for you outside the shop.
  • We have a lot of new names on the waiting list for obvious reasons.
  • Basic support in terms of strimming around a plot is being offered for those in complete lockdown. Many plots though are looking great with only a small number requiring a letter asking for improvement (which went out this week).
  • If you are able to please keep an eye out for gate locking at 8pm; either if passing or if you are on site. The code for the main gate is 8420.
  • Finally a reminder that all new buildings must be approved by the Association. Chaiya Subsin does this via shed@gmail.com

Update 5 : April 5th
Many thanks to everyone for getting to grips with the current practice concerning working on your allotment.  We have had a few question from members so I hope this new guidance, which runs alongside everything else we have sent out will help.
  • We asked you to TRY to come as one person per plot. This may not work for everyone which was why the phrasing suggested only TRY. 
  • And a reminder to everyone, as we should all be following Government advice:
“to self isolate and not to come on site at all, if either you, those in your household, or anyone that you are in close contact with, has real or even possible Covid-19 symptoms.”
Jim Layton (Chair)

Update 4 : April 2nd
This weekend is forecast to be hot which even in ordinary times means a crowded car park and larger numbers of people coming to tend their plots.

At the current time three things will help keep everyone safe:
  • If at all possible try to walk down
  • Stagger your visits to avoid the peaks, usually around 10.30 till 3.30
  • Ideally, defer your visit for a few days.
Please bear in mind previous guidance (see below) and:
  • avoid all group activities,
  • observe social distancing
  • be aware of shared surfaces you might encounter
Thanks Jim Layton Allotment Chair

Update 3 : March 24th
We are pleased to say that the site is still open and you should already have seen the guidance sent out previously. If not please read this new guidance in conjunction with the two previous included in this email. 

In what may be an interim period to further Government action we will need to be stringent about together maintaining a safe site that complies with current Government measures.To further underpin our security we are asking everyone to pull together and observe in addition the following:

  • Stagger your visits. The site is nearly empty at 8am and quiet after 4pm.  Be strategic.
  • Do try to only go down as one member Only one member plus a child if necessary per plot. A family or household can do alternate days or similar if they wish.
  • On arrival, if the car park is full , go back home and return at a less busy time. If you can walk down, please do so. We must avoid the issues that come from ad hoc parking. Use only the marked parking bays.
  • Draw attention (at the social distance) to the information notices on site. Some will not have read them.
  • Please report any infringements of guidance to allotment.secretary@hotmail.co.uk.

Looking forward to your cooperation
Jak, Nigel, Jim (St Mary’s Trustees)

Update 2 : March 22nd

Having visited the Allotments on Saturday and Sunday I would like to make a few observations which are vital to everyone if we are going to be able to continue gardening over the next few weeks.

  • On Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning there were too many cars on the car park for comfort and safety
  • Try to stagger your visits to reduce the numbers of cars and people on the car park at the same time.
  • Please don’t gather in groups either in or outdoors on site
  • Make sure your children stay with you on your plot and don’t roam around


See below for the information sent out earlier this week.

Update 1 : March 17th
As Trustees we take the health and well being of our members very seriously. In light of recent Government guidance we hope to be able to continue cultivating our plots but need to make clear certain conditions.
Many of our members are older or or vulnerable and we want to introduce certain safeguards.
From Tuesday March 17th the Shop will be shut until further notice. If you have a large order send an email to allotment.chair@yahoo.co.uk and we’ll see what can be done
All events shown in the events calendar are now on hold pending further developments. If it proves possible to run any of them we will let you know.
If you are self isolating please let the Secretary know allotment.secretary@hotmail.co.uk so that we can monitor the overall situation
Allotment Committee meetings will be by phone and email until further notice.
This is a very sad situation but by taking these measures we hope that the allotments will remain open to members over this difficult time.
Jim Layton, Jak Sheridan, Nigel Briggs
Trustees St Mary’s Allotments