Shed Alarms

Following a recent serious and ‘professional’ break in we have been reviewing security.

We now have a volunteer to lock the main gate if still open late evening but please lock after yourself any time after 8. We are looking at more CCTV, prickly hedging along A, shed alarms, but the only definite action is a new noticeboard near the main gate to make a strong declaration through its messages that our site is members only, no through route to Newbold and monitored by CCTV.There are currently a couple of options for making your shed more secure, or at least warning off anyone who tries to break into it. Both can be purchased from Amazon or other online retailers.

Alarm Padlocks, for example….
TRIXES 110db Alarmed Heavy Duty Weatherproof Padlock.

Use this padlock on sheds, garages, gates, bike locks etc, the weatherproof casing means you don’t have worry about it rusting outside. It is made of heavy duty steel with a tough exterior coating. The alarm uses 6 x LR44 batteries (included) and is very loud at 110db, as loud as an electric saw or being at a rock concert.

Alarm Lights, for example….
Zeerkeer Solar Warning Light, IP65. Suitable for outdoor use, IP65 waterproof, energy-saving LED where security alerts are required. The detection distance is 5-8 meters, the detection angle is 110°, 110dB alarm and 1000m visible flash.  Solar energy, safe and eco-friendly, 365 days continuous power.