Website Translations

We are aware that our Association contains many members from many different ethnic backgrounds and whose first language isn’t English. We have recently added an auto-translation option on the website. 

You’ll find it on the top right hand of every screen. We’ve already added a number of different languages, but if yours isn’t there please email the webmaster so that it can be added to the list.

The translations are provided automatically so they will not be as accurate as a hand crafted translation, but we felt that they would be better than nothing. You might want to check it out particularly on the frontage with the Coronavirus updates section.

We have also added a language field to the Newsletter database to give a similar option. The Newsletter language option will be based on your current browser language setting. In order to get that to work you will need to click on any link in the newsletter so that your browser language is added to your profile. It may take a few editions to get this to work fully. In the meantime if you want to read a translated version of the Newsletter you can do so through the website by clicking on the Previous Newsletter link on the News and Events Page and select the language you want.