Allotment Research Project

The Association has agreed to take part in a new research project being run by Warwick university looking into the the diversity of wild plants on allotments in Warwickshire.

“The aim of the project is to assess the contribution of allotments to plant diversity in Warwickshire. I (the researcher) will be undertaking a thorough botanical survey of both the allotment sites ‘public’ areas (walkways, car parks etc) and within a number of prearranged individual plots of interested holders.  I will also be asking for a range of information concerning the site and plots, so to provide a background to the findings of the surveys themselves. 

The physical surveying would be done throughout the seasons, with a visit in Summer (July/August 2020), Autumn and Spring at arranged dates weather permitting. The surveying will take up to a full day per visit depending on the size of the site. All areas of the allotment would need to be done on the same day.

I am passionate about educating and sharing knowledge and hope to be able to provide insight to holders on the ‘weeds’ inhabiting their plots (Although as an allotment holder myself, I fully understand the frustration and constant battle with certain species!)

Once the survey element of the research has been concluded, an overall report of findings will be formally published. If allotment sites were interested I would be keen to present findings on their particular site and how this plays into the wider Warwickshire picture.”

The Committee have agreed to take part in this project and with the researcher have walked the site and selected 6 plots to take part, with the agreement of the plot holders.