Purpose of the Committee

Purpose of Committee (as per constitution)

  • To rent suitable land from the landlords, Trustees or other parties desirous of letting their land then to re-let the same land to Members of the Association* and achieve full compliance with all terms and conditions of the site Tenancy Agreement.

  • The effective management of the site sublet in allotment plots to Members of the Association for Allotment gardening.

  • By means of B, to offer Members the opportunity to provide for themselves vegetables, fruit and flowers and to enjoy attendant leisure, social and health benefits.

  • The establishment and maintenance of co-operative and harmonious relationships amongst Members and with the local community neighbouring the site.

  • The continuation of the existence of the Association and its operation for the benefit of its Members.

  • The preservation and improvement of the fertility of the soil of each allotment plot and management of the site in an environmentally friendly way.

  • The Association shall be non-party in politics and non-sectarian in religion and will operate an equal opportunities policy.

Members of the Association are all those people who have paid the current membership fee and who rent at least one allotment plot.