Chair’s February Message

I’m very happy to writing my first message to you as temporary chair of the committee. This week the ‘Beast from the East’ has given me a reality check to my seed starting plans. I’m always impatient for the growing season to start come February and I feel this even more this year being still in lockdown.

Many thanks to all who are helping to run the shop. We’ve heard from suppliers that there is both disruptions to supplies due to the pandemic and an increase in demand as more people realise the delights of gardening, so it’s great that we can provide many of the things needed to help you get growing.

If you are brave or mad enough to be visiting your plot in these cold and damp days please be careful on the paths. The wet winter we’ve had has made some areas very muddy and so they can pose a slip hazard.

Good luck to everyone finishing off their winter projects this month and I look forward to seeing more of you come March!