Chair’s May Message

Welcome to May’s update for St. Mary’s Allotments. After the coldest April in 60 years we are hopefully about to start seeing our plants growing. I’m pleased to say that there are plenty of events planned at the site over the coming months as covid-19 restrictions lift.

  • Plant Sale on May 23rd
  • Mikron on Friday July 2nd
  • Dawn Chorus Walks on Wed 19th May and Saturday 22nd May.

We’ve had a few queries about the AGM. We weren’t able to hold this last December and due to the restrictions, the earliest we could hold the meeting is mid-summer. We’re reluctant to hold the meeting in the summer as we know a lot of us will be on holiday over this period. Because of this the committee is proposing to hold the next AGM in December. We shared the finance report from last year in December, but if anyone would like to see this again let us know. If there’s anything else you’d like to be addressed before the AGM please let us know.