Allotment Shop Now open

It’s good news that the the allotment shop will re-open fully on Wednesday 17th February 2022. It will then be open each Sunday and Wednesday mornings from 10:00 – 12:00pm.

An early notice to anyone wanting potatoes the following have been ordered for delivery mid February. The price will be the same as last year at £1.50 per kilo or £25.00 for a 20 Kilo bag. We will also be having 2 kilo bags

If you require a full 20 k bag of potatoes or fertilizer it is important that you let me know. so we can avoid the problems we had last year by emailing me on

I’m also pleased to say that as we had such a good year with our seeds, we have increased our range to 56 varieties. More on this later.

i hope you all had a good year and hope to see your support of your shop in 2022, and that you all have a good safe Christmas.