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Following the recent planning meeting there are a number of new committee members and roles. 

You can see a full list with photos and photos of the new committee by clicking here.


Committee Roles

  • President : Jim Layton
  • Chair : Harj Bagga
  • Vice Chair : John King
  • Secretary : Elaine Bather
  • Acting Treasurer : Miles Ferrante
  • Lettings : Lesley Campbell
  • Newsletters : Jo Blows

Other Committee Members

  • Joy Baker
  • Paul Snell
  • Vince Ashwell
  • Peter Knowles
  • Craig Tinder

The area reps have also been re-organised as follows:

  • Area A : Vince Ashwell (A36A/B) and John King (A36A/B and 72A)
  • Area B : Joy Baker (B32) and Elaine Bather (B21A)
  • Area C : Lesley Campbell (D32), Jo Blows (C67A) and Miles Ferrante (F21)
  • Area D and River plots : Craig Tinder (R10) and Harj Bagga (B32)
  • Area E : Peter Knowles (A63)
  • Area F : Paul Snell (F45/46) and Miles Ferrante (F21)