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Coronavirus Risk Assessment

Understand the risks associated with Coronavirus on the St Mary's Allotments.

June Committee News

The fire ban is continuing. This is based on the Committee's judgement plus Fire Brigade and National Allotment Society advice. As well...

Shed Alarms

Following a recent serious and 'professional' break in we have been reviewing security.We now have a volunteer to lock the main gate...

Eco Friendly Slug Pellets

Being an environmentally friendly allotment we are promoting alternative ways of dealing with slugs and snails.

Share your Coronavirus Allotmenteering

Fancy writing for the website?

Making your own Compost

Read Miles Ferrante's new guide to making your own compost.

Bonfire Ban

Bonfires, barbecues and shed fires are now banned until further notice.

Coronavirus updates

Keep abreast of all the Coronavirus news relating to St Mary's allotments.

Allotment Shop – 2020

Due to the Coronavirus the Allotment shop is now closed until further notice

Planned Events for 2020

Note that some of these events may not now run.

Botanist Survey Aug 27th

A botany survey by a group of 10 Botanists will take place on Friday August 27th from...

Sculpture Trail

In May and June we are planning for a sculptor trail around the site. More information to...

Mikron 2020

Mikron Theatre is returning on Thursday August 13th with Atalanta Forever. Game on!: It’s 1920, and in post-war Britain,...